Regent Street:

Agree with the image for the RS one, I have also attached some more “summery” terrace pics – Any chance we can make the image a little bigger too? Does it need to have a border or can it be the whole top of the mailer and then fade in to the text as we have done in the past?

Is it also possible to make the title stand out a little more? Maybe bolder or a bright colour as it looks quite muted against the background.

For the “Don’t miss out…” can we make this a little bigger and also a bit bolder?

With the body of the text, maybe that can also be a different colour and can we stretch the text out so it is a little wider and maybe fits on two lines? I think we also need to bold the capacities too, so these stand out.

With the CTA button, please can we make the font much bolder and make the box a block colour to stand out?

Can we also include the thin banner at the bottom about our Spa Offer?

Aqua Shard:

Do we have an image that doesn’t have a dinner table in it as the mailer is talking about bar bookings and standing style events? Can we also make the image much bigger too, maybe no top border?

Also it looks very similar to the Regent Street one and it will be going to the same database, so can it be a different colour/layout?

Again we also try and stretch the text so it’s not over too many lines as it looks a bit wordy at the moment?  

Can we also change the CTA button to ENQUIRE NOW – again this needs to be bold/different colour to stand out.

Can we also include the banner for the spa offer at the bottom of the mailer.

DOn’t miss out

Night Brunch – Every Saturday @ 9pm

Join aqua’s very first Night Brunch and indulge in Japanese and Italian delicacies, free-flow drinks and mesmerizing performances

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