“Where there’s water, there’s life.”

Discover the dining philosophy of aqua with our Ankh Tasting Menu, inspired by the ancient Egyptian symbol for the “key of life,”, as a celebration of water as the essence of life. Each dish on the seven-course menu is prepared with the finest fresh produce and accented with elements connected to water to represent the pinnacle of Aqua’s Italian and Japanese culinary excellence.

Italian and Japanese cuisines share a profound kinship, each complementing the other flawlessly. Both culinary traditions are celebrated for their meticulous selection of the finest seasonal ingredients, their profound respect for the primary components of each dish, and their dedication to simplicity.

Available from 22 April to 23 June only, we invite you to join us on the culinary adventure harmoniously co-curated by our Japanese and Italian kitchens, and expertly paired with Italian wines and Japanese sakes.

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Ankh Tasting Menu

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Our restaurant and bar are open daily – enjoy lunch, dinner, brunch. No reservation required for drinks.



aqua’s Weekend Brunch extravaganza

Gather with your brunch besties for a laidback get-together at our Weekend Brunch. Dig into Italian and Japanese delights and 120 minutes of free-flow drinks while admiring the fantastic harbour and city views on Saturdays and Sundays.
Our new seafood platter will be unveiled soon!


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